A few weeks into a drastically changed world and most of us will feel uneasy with the situations and challenges we are all facing.

To our team who are holding the fort, we know you’re working incredibly hard, facing challenges that few of us ever thought we’d have to deal with. Your leadership, grit, determination and teamwork has NOT gone un-noticed.

To the country’s furloughed workers, we thank you for your support and understanding in exceptionally difficult circumstances. Rest assured, we’re all working hard to ensure you all have a great job to come back to, so we can continue building together, as soon as we possibly can.

From our entire team, we thank our Directors Rob Grimbleby and Amanda Grimbleby who have built a successful and (more importantly) ethical business over the last 13 years. We appreciate the sacrifices you make to secure our livelihoods, and we’re right behind you in facing this challenge together.

To all the staff who are working on the frontline or in their makeshift offices to keep the wheels turning, let’s not forget to say thanks to our friends and family who keep us all positive through this pandemic.

And, to everyone reading this post, THANK YOU for supporting us – Our customers, our supply-chain partners, staff, friends, family, nurses, doctors, teachers, supermarket workers and government departments… Whoever you are, thank you for being here with us… we’re also here for you!

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