Should Ask Questions

We’ve compiled a list of what we think you should ask
before you appoint a modular building specialist

SAQ’s (Should Ask Questions)

Are you a Main-contractor with a factory or just a Manufacturer?

There are many different ways that off-site construction can be delivered. At M-AR we are a main-contractor with a factory meaning we will hold your hand from start to finish, providing all the services you need to bring your project to life without you having to worry. Full Turn-key is our speciallity but we can also just supply the shell if you require. Other companies are solely manufacturers, so be sure to ask what level of service you will be getting or you could have to deal with many more contractors than you bargained for.

What Quality assurances do you have?

Make sure you ask this question to ensure that you will get the quality coupled with speed. No one wants a rushed product! ISO 9001 is a Quality accreditation which ensures the processes throughout the business are controlled to give you a quality product. 

Another Accreditation is BOPAS for the residential products. BOPAS is the Buildoffsite Property Assurance Scheme which provides assurance to the lending community and the wider community, that innovatively designed and constructed properties (against which they may be lending) will deliver consistent performance and stand the test of time.

What is my cost exposure upfront? Do I need to handover a deposit?

We don’t require a deposit but some contractors have policies in place which means you will need to pay a deposit to secure your order in the factory. Make sure that you know this from the outset to avoid any costly surprises.

Are all of your supply chain and staff fully and rigorously assessed?

Make sure that your off-site provider goes the whole hog and has all of their team assessed including any of their supply chain. We’ve got the lot including SSSTS (Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme), SMSTS (Site Management Safety Training Scheme), First Aid, Working at Height, Harness training, IPAF (MEWPS), PASMA (scaffold training),  asbestos awareness training… we’ve got it all and more. 

All of our subcontractors have to go through rigorous and continual assessment to ensure that they are essentially an extension of the M-AR team. Sub-contractors for services for example all have the appropriate training and certifications in place such as, CORGI, NICEIC etc.

To ensure all materials and services entering our supply chain are sourced and delivered in an ethical and sustainable manner with full traceability and the correct certification under the appropriate legislation, all frequent suppliers to M-AR are asked to complete a pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ) which ensures that suppliers have the appropriate levels of financial stability, commercial competency and possess relevant levels of experience to support technical projects. 

Our standard PQQ will call for details of service & product compliance, request evidence of quality  process & procedures and identify CSR policies which should complement our own as a minimum. Qualitative Analysis is conducted on supplier responses by applying a weighting to each response so that when conducting a benchmark the evaluation reflects a balance between cost, mandatory and desirable requirements.

Suppliers are audited in-line with our ISO 9001 commitment, status records are reviewed periodically to ensure any changes to ratings have been captured and adjusted accordingly.

What happens if I have a problem after the works are completed?

Make sure you ask this question at the start of your off-site journey. Not all contractors provide the full turn-key experience from start to finish and beyond like we do. If you do not get information about aftercare at the start, the chances are you will be left high and dry once your building is handed over. Ensuring this is included will give you the piece of mind you need to sleep easy. Aftercare from us comes as standard!

Do I need to pay you for the works completed before delivery to site?

As off-site is a different process entirely to traditional, it is common, even with us, to go through a process called ‘Vesting’ during the manufacture of your project. Vesting is a process which allows manufacturers to be paid for the works currently undertaken in the factory to enable them to pay their supply chain on time. We realise that every customers needs are different and depending on the timeframe and scale of the project, we can talk openly to find a flexible solution where required. Obviously, our supply chain is fundamental to all of our successes and so we do everything we can to look after them as well as you.

What visibility will I have during the manufacture process as to how my project is coming along?

You should be able to have the visibility you want with any manufacturer. During the manufacturing process, we encourage you to visit our factory and see first-hand, how your project is coming along. We strongly believe that seeing a factory process will help you understand a new way of construction and provide you with a level of engagement that will make the construction experience one to remember.

Will I be able to bring my own quality team/customers to inspect the product on the production line.

Of course… The more the merrier. Our aim is to provide you with an experience of construction like no other and change perceptions through education along the way.

Residential SAQ’s

What warranties should I receive to assure me that my build is mortgageable?

Although there are a few different warranties BOPAS provides assurance to the lending community and the wider community, that innovatively designed and constructed properties will deliver consistent performance and stand the test of time. BOPAS is also backed by Lloyds Register & BLP insurance to give further quality assurance and has a latent defects warranty so that your homes are mortgageable and insurable assets.

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