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The government targets are to deliver 300,000 more homes per year?

So, how can we procure our residential schemes to meet these targets? Well, here is how:-

The world of building new homes is seeing a new horizon. Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) are becoming more and more recognised, but is the process convoluted and stressful? How are public organisations able to procure from the ‘best in class’ contractors in the MMC industry? And will you have help in achieving your housing schemes when you start the journey to take advantage of MMC?

In this article, we are going to provide an overview to how you can utilise the LHC NH2 (National Housing 2) Framework to procure Off-Site Homes, with help and guidance along the way, in order to get you in front of the ‘best in class’ contractors for your scheme.

What is the LHC NH2 Framework?

LHC is a leading government agency, providing free-to-use framework agreements used by local authorities, social landlords and other public sector bodies to procure works, products and services for the construction, refurbishment and maintenance of social housing and public buildings.

The NH2 Framework is the 2nd of it’s kind for the procurement of off-site constructed homes. With the pressures on local authorities, housing associations, developers and the like to build fast, but retain high quality, best value homes you need an easy OJEU compliant procurement route to the best in class.

The NH2 has rigorously selected 16 of the best companies in the UK, Ireland and Scotland to provide various off-site construction methods.

With the launch of this new framework in April 2019, you now have access to the top Off Site contractors either by a mini-competition or direct award, with the assurance that the process for a contractor being awarded a place was in strict compliance with public sector procurement rules.

What are the building system options available?

There are many types of building systems all under the umbrella of ‘off-site construction’ or ‘MMC’ (Modern Methods of Construction) all of which have their own unique benefits. The building systems available through the NH2 framework are; Volumetric (this is the system that we use) and Panellised available as supply only or the complete ‘full turn-key’ package.

What are the benefits of using an LHC appointed company?

By using an LHC appointed company, you will have the confidence that; the contractors provide high quality assurance through a precision engineered manufacturing process, value for money and efficiency by the provision of design services from the feasibility stage; confidence of conformity and compliance with statutory regulatory requirements.

In addition to these benefits, you also have dedicated LHC Client Support Managers in your region who will happily guide you through the process. You will be able to engage with the appointed contractors from Feasibility Stage providing guidance and assistance from the outset, this is where value will be added!

What can the framework offer?

Providing confidence and compliance is one thing, but making the process easy is another matter entirely. Every appointed contractor has been rigorously tested and examined in order to make your journey easier. By leveraging this, the framework also offers; confirmed market prices at call-off stage to maintain the best value for the life of the 4 year framework; Speedy access to the appointed companies as they have already gone through a selection process; Instant access to project data through an online portal; High quality standards in accordance with ISO 9001; Service level guarantee; quick project starts and predictable delivery periods.

Is MAR Off Site an appointed LHC Framework contractor?

Of course… We came top in ‘class’ in majority of the lots. Awarded a place in 33 lots, we came 1st in 17 of them, 2nd in 15 and 3rd in just 1. This is a real achievement but stands testimony to our years’ of experience and approach to off-site construction.

We are an appointed contractor to deliver ‘Full Turney Solutions’, providing you the customer piece of mind in dealing with one Contractor and not multiple Contractors.

With the launch of our Light Gauge Steel Framed residential system, this framework is extremely timely to offer you a residential procurement route direct to us. We have been awarded places on several frameworks in our history. LHC’s MB1 (Modular Building Framework) being one, which was achieved in 2017 but the NH2 this year was a real milestone for us as it signifies our growth as an SME and quality standards. Our history of 11 years in the Off Site Industry has seen us excel in the education sector as well as the commercial and transport sectors but by giving you easy access to our residential offering, we are fast becoming the ‘go team’ team for housing solutions too.

We are delighted to have been awarded a place alongside the best in our industry and are passionate about working collaboratively to change perceptions, working as one industry, with one voice to solve the housing crisis. #changingperceptions #positivedisruption.

What are the next steps for me to procure a housing scheme?

All you need to do is connect with us. I am the Co-Founder and Director who will make sure you are in ‘Safe hands’ every step of the way. Please feel free to direct any questions to me through my profile:

…or you can contact one of the LHC team. There is an LHC Client Support Manager in your region who will be happy to visit you and explain more about how easy the Framework is to use and how this will add value and benefit you in being able to unlock the delivery of homes to meet your housing targets. Further information about their framework and team can be found here:

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