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Who are you….?

A parent, who makes breakfast, dresses children and gets ready for work all whilst answering 1000 ‘Why’ questions?
A graduate, or someone experienced in the workplace looking for a challenge to get your teeth into?
A skilled trades person with a passion for creating, making and completing fabulous work?
If you can answer yes to any, or all of the above… construction could be the right industry for you!

Why would you want to work in the construction industry?

Well, construction is no longer a ‘mans world’, it is open and accessible to all with a wide array of techniques. It’s fast-paced, people-focused and delivers some amazing projects in a short amount of time. At M-AR. our offering is precision engineered for manufacture and assembly in a factory environment giving you a fantastic, safe and controlled workplace to thrive.

So, what can you expect from the Modular industry?

The Government aims for 300,000 new homes to be built a year by 2020 to help hold up the strained UK housing market. Modern methods of construction (MMC) such as modular, are having a huge impact on achieving this goal at speed. Rising labour costs, and an ageing workforce that is leaving behind a skills gap which is putting mounting pressure on our existing traditional construction methods.

Modular building also known as Volumetric is a ‘Modern Method of Construction’ which is undertaken in a factory-controlled environment rather than on the construction site, hence the phrase ‘off-site’. In a world were sustainability, our environment and healthier living are at the forefront of every day thinking this cleaner, greener solution ticks a lot of boxes, not to mention the fact that it’s bridging the skills gap, and ramping up the number of quality homes at speed.

But it’s not about the bricks and mortar, for us, it’s about the people, building relationships and finding solutions that add real value. The construction industry must evolve, and modern methods of construction provide a safe, clean and innovative environment to take the industry forward.

Why do we need you?

Going back to my original questions, we need people who can juggle a complex workload, multitask and support all team members. We need innovation and forward-thinking people who offer amazing customer experiences. We need ‘doers’ who can help us bring our ambitious goals to fruition and we need to attract the best talent… You!

In return you get to work in an exciting modern world, where not only will you be rewarded by seeing actual buildings up and running delivering housing, office space or classrooms, but also be nurtured, up-skilled and recognised for your talent. Who would have thought the world of construction could be so different.

When armed with all this information, the question you should be asking yourself is ‘why wouldn’t you work in the construction industry?!

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