We’re your volumetric, off-site construction partners, providing a one-stop-shop for all your building requirements from concept to completion in the residential, education and commercial sectors.

Our mission, (that we have chosen to accept..) is to demystify and deliver clear technical and entrepreneurial advice. We know that it’s tiring trying to cut through the jargon, so we have created a simple, jargon-free and informative resource for you.

At M-AR we know that all you need is advice and support, but sometimes, finding a contractor who cares more about you than just the sale, can be like finding a screw, on our factory floor. Luckily… We believe that relationships come first!

Our vision is to be the most admired partner for realising predictable project outcomes, making your construction experience, frictionless and exciting. With our new streamlined site, we aim to offer a wealth of information coupled with our social channels to help make your journey, that much easier.

We have a lot of work still to go on our website, adding all those additional golden nuggets of advantages and explanations but over the coming months, we will be updating it with pages more value so even if you’re not our customer yet, you will be armed with all the information you need to not only make informed choices but be able to ask your next off-site provider the right questions to ensure they are on your side. We call these SAQ’s… Should Ask Questions! check them out in our resource section.

If you can think of anything that we can provide on our website that would assist you, please feel free to make a suggestion to our marketing team at marketing@m-ar.co.uk and we’ll see what we can do.

Anyway…Enough talking, you should be looking at our new website: https://m-ar.co.uk/ Enjoy!