Network Rail required a two-storey office to accommodate 132 office staff and a welfare facility to support 240 staff at their Stockport depot.

The M-AR

M-AR delivered a modern and aesthetically pleasing structure, using part Cedar and part Kingspan external cladding. Meanwhile, the interior of the building was designed to meet Network Rail corporate DNA, offering a creative and productive environment for the team. 


The project was designed, manufactured and installed in just 14 weeks with dramatically-reduced on-site traffic and disruption. Minimal disruption was extremely important to Network Rail as the building is situated next to a live railway.

Project Size

2,186m 2

Completion Time

14 weeks


2-Storey Office and Welfare Facility

Project Journey

We worked with Network Rail to design and build a two-storey office and welfare facility. 

The building is designed to be durable and require low maintenance. For example, external windows can be opened and cleaned from the inside, reducing the risk of falls from ladders. Additionally, to prevent twisting, the doors are manufactured with interlocking seams and reinforced interlocking channels and tubes. 

The purchase building was finished externally with Plastisol, bonded to 9mm WBP exterior grade plywood, which was fitted to a timber frame to form a stressed skin construction. 

Meanwhile, the interior is designed to reflect Network Rail’s corporate DNA, producing a creative and productive workspace. 

In total, we designed and built meeting rooms, a briefing room an archive room, refectory and kitchen facilities, a storeroom, a switch room, a drying room, a locker room, a security room and toilet and shower facilities on both floors.

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