The Boho area in Middlesbrough is home to the regions digital and creative companies, but speed was key to ensure these expanding companies remained in Middlesbrough and continued to provide employment opportunities for residents.

The speed and quality of modular construction ensured that the development of BoHo 8 was flexible in it’s design and construction solution whilst showcasing architectural excellence.

The M-AR

A blend of different construction solutions to leverage the natural efficiency of factory-completed works, with elements of traditional construction on-site to efficiently deliver the architectural and function requirements of this scheme.

By aligning with an award-winning architect we demonstrated that our approach was of the highest design quality ensuring that sustainability was at the heart of the design.


The ambitious modular commercial office project began in August 2020, with the buildings being manufactured at M-AR’s offsite factory facility. Simultaneously M-AR’s groundwork team got to work with all the hard and soft landscaping.

Just eight weeks later, four office blocks consisting of 18 individual 49m² modules were completed and quality checked. They were installed over a five-day period.

Project Size

from 1000 – 3000 ft2

Completion Time

29 weeks


Office accommodation

Project Journey

The Council carried out a ‘demand survey’ which demonstrated that there were high levels of growth in the sector but no suitable accommodation.

The timescales identified meant the Council had to consider alternative construction methods.  Modular was selected as a means to deliver contemporary offices that could be in situ in six months to meet demand.

As modular specialists on the LHC MB1 framework, we were appointed to deliver the complete project from groundworks to final commissioning.

The ambitious project began in August 2020, with the modular buildings being manufactured at M-AR’s offsite facility. Just eight weeks later, four office blocks consisting of 18 individual 49m² modules were completed and installed over a five-day period.

This showcase project has since been a finalist in several awards and took centre stage at the Offsite Awards 2021, seeing Middlesbrough Council picking up ‘Client of the Year’ for their work within the community to regenerate the area and providing amazing places to work like this. We are delighted to have been working in collaboration with Middlesbrough to construct and deliver this unique build.

Promises kept

“The Boho 8 project has been delivered on time and within budget whilst absorbing the impacts of Brexit and the Covid pandemic, had the Council utilised a traditional build, this would not have been achievable. It is definitely a construction method that we would consider on future projects.

There have been a number of traditional construction projects in the BoHo area that were adjacent to Boho 8 on site before this one started and were due to complete before Boho 8 that have still not yet been completed

Michael Canavan,
Regeneration and Major Projects Officer

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