So what exactly is
an MMC solution?

…It’s engineered simplicity. Different forms of off-site construction. Whether your building homes, schools or commercial buildings we use the method that realises best value for you!

We build in a large capacity factory to produce our steel framed modules, but we can also adopt other forms of construction to suit your project drivers, helping you build better, greener and of course faster.

All of our buildings adopt catagory 1 of the MMC spectrum and we aim to deliver the highest level of PMV.

We use machines to take digital codes from our design office to cut and bend the steel to make the precision engineered LGSF modules which are then fitted with standard materials such as insulations, membranes and board materials.

In fact, you’d be surprised how many of the materials are the same as when building traditionally, with 95% of all external cladding systems being compatible with our system and 100% of all internal finishes.

Modular construction materials

Our residential system is a BOPAS accredited structure up to 10 storeys to give you the best possible chance of mortgageability

from a wide range of lenders and assurance that your new homes and assets have been designed, manufactured and installed to ensure a lifespan beyond the mortgage term.

Our product has undergone rigorous quality checks…

through the BOPAS accreditation and in line with our 9001 ISO standards for educational and commercial sectors. Over 350 checks per module…